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    CAD & CAM

    A growing number of companies are introducing CAD (computer-assisted design) and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) systems.
    In an automated process, the CAD data, which provides the development drawing created on the basis of the design sketches, is accessed by automatic cutting machines connected via the company's LAN and used to cut the material directly.
    This has eliminated the need for the kinds of expensive metal dies that were previously needed for each part. After a sample bag has been made, the various dimensions can be adjusted in the data file, which further contributes to reductions in costs and processes.

    Small automated cutting machine

    Compact machine used to make samples and produce bags. These machines are commonly used by manufacturers that specialize in small-lot, high added-value products, such as bags with a specific purpose or of a special shape. There is no need for metal dies, which had been an impediment to small-lot production in terms of cost.

    Large automated cutting machine (for leather)

    The large manufacturers have installed several of these large automated cutting machines to further increase efficiency. These machines can cut up to 20 large parts or 3,000 small parts from a 1.5-meter long, 3-meter wide leather hide at high speeds.

    Cutting Plotter

    Some companies have combined CAD data with their cutting machines. This allows them to output highly precise patterns by cutting curves accurately, something that is difficult to do by hand. They can also print control numbers, sizes, and part names.

    3D Design System

    Some companies also employ design systems that enable easy virtual simulation in the production of samples.
    A scan of the fabric is synthesized with the sample photograph and automatically modified into a three-dimensional format. The resulting image can then be shared with relevant parties inside and outside the company.
    These systems help to reduce the lead time from planning to sample completion and also to reduce costs.

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