Yuri Corporation

Making the future of bags interesting with “creativity”

From “production” to “creation.”
Yuri Corporation continues to move forward, constantly envisaging the model of bag maker of the future.
With its concept of “turning functionality into style”, ARTPHERE launches items that balance usability and design, with a focus on style and occasion.
Atelier nuu, the boutique where some of the ARTPHERE and Totem Re Vooo ranges are on display, uses the latest materials collected from all over the world to make things that will give all who visit the shop a sense of surprise and freshness.
Taking pride in being a “production region”, but not being complacent with that status. Together with its fellow bag makers in Toyooka, Yuri Corporation will pursue appeal that can only be nurtured in the “bag production region of Toyooka.”

Yuri Corporation

1164-5, Kamikage, Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture, 668-0011



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