Matsushita Luggage Co., Ltd.

Our specialist industry teams make proposals for our customers, from concept to manufacture.

We work on all manner of products, such as bags, luggage, mobile cases, and wallets, from product development to shipment.
Our production systems can accommodate small-lot production of a few dozen units, producing items of high quality.
Since our foundation in 1940, our corporate philosophy has been to "create new possibilities and to never stop changing."
In 1993, we entered the PC industry.
We have now become known as a third-party supplier of inner cases for the world's top-selling PC manufacturer.
After winning the support of core users, who praised our product as being "a scabbard worthy of a fine sword," we were approached by the manufacturer and concluded an OEM contract to supply inner cases.

Also, empathizing with the concept of "Behavior Design" of METAPHYS, the consortium brand of product designer, Chiaki Murata, we joined the consortium as a partner company in 2008.
When METAPHYS was developing its soft leather range, "froro," we worked with them on a small leather purse.
We proposed a traditional Japanese metal clasp called "tenmizo osaeguchi," which has been used since olden times, such as for the purses that maiko use to hold their name cards.

We have been a certified Toyooka Kaban company since 2013.

Three characteristics
(1) Concept proposals
We work on all aspects of bag design and production in-house, from design proposals to sample production, manufacture, inspection, and shipment.
(2) Specialist teams
With our system of teams that specialize in particular industries, we are able to plan products that dig deep into the needs of each industry.
Areas: Fashion, automotive, publishing, stationery, PC accessories, etc.
(3) Highly precise sample
Using rough sketches and design discussions, we produce samples in a short time frame.
We come as close as possible to the customer’s image of the completed product.

Based on our stance that bags are industrial products, we take a quiet, matter-of-fact approach to their manufacture.
Working together with our customers to create bags is our specialty. Ask us how we can help you.

Matsushita Luggage Co., Ltd.

318, Nakakage, Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture, 668-0013



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