Kiwada Masaaki Shoten Co., Ltd.

For half a century, Kiwada Masaaki has been offering its customers the peace of mind and joy of ownership with genuine, made-in-Japan products in Toyooka, the town of bags.

It makes its bags at the Bag Complex in Toyooka, the town of bags. It also provides OEM production for other companies.
Integrated in-factory production: Planning staff respond to customers' requests and the company offers total services including design, pattern-making and sample production.
In the production stage, through full in-house manufacture, it supplies products with consistent quality through comprehensive quality control in each process.
Artisanal skills supported by modern facilities: Our artisans are our greatest "treasure."
Kiwada Masaaki's artisans concentrate on the core tasks that can only be done by hand, passing on their techniques to their younger colleagues.
Other processes are backed up with mechanical processes such as CAD / CAM to improve efficiency.

50th Anniversary

We are a maker of bags, from original designs to OEM products, conducting all production in our own factory in Toyooka, the town of bag making.

With our in-house integrated production, we can propose costs and delivery time frames to meet our customers' needs.

In 2014, we introduced a 3D design system.

Previously, we would have to make samples for even slight adjustments to the design, which was time-consuming and expensive.

Since introducing this system, we have been able to cut back on the costs and time spent on making samples.

We respond to our customers’ detailed needs.

Kiwada Masaaki Shoten Co., Ltd.

817-22, Kokonokaichi Kaminocho, Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture, 668-0051

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