Ishii Bags Industry Co., Ltd.

Bags that take maximum advantage of feminine sensibilities. This results in bags that make men shine.

Put simply, a bag is “a tool for holding and carrying items.” However, the items the bag holds vary greatly depending on the person carrying the bag. The types of bags people carry also vary depending on what the bag is being used for.
There are as many bags as there are their holders’ preferences, and bags will continue to evolve together with the people who use them and own them.
Ishii Bags Industry has been making bags for fifty years. Inheriting the techniques and traditions nurtured by their predecessors, the people at Ishii Bags Industry will continue to propose new technologies and applications and to make bags that meet their customers’ needs.

Ishii Bags Industry Co., Ltd.

948, Takaya, Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture, 668-0064

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