Hakura Co., Ltd.

Making bags that will become their users’ perfect partner, with natural materials and skillful techniques.

Committed to Japan-made and drawing out the appeal of natural materials, which, just like humans, have their own unique character. This is how Hakura makes its bags.
In particular, thanks to the selection of materials by its skilled artisans, who know everything there is to know about leather, and the technical capabilities required for the smooth sewing of deep curves, Hakura has built up an impressive track record of OEM sub-contracted production.
With the aim of making bags that will become the perfect companion in people’s lives, day in-day out, Hakura’s artisans engage in their work in earnest.

“We want to make the kind of randoseru that has never been seen before, crafted by the hands of Toyooka Kaban artisans.”

It was with this intention that Hakura Handcrafted Randoseru came into being.
Using materials and crafting methods that are not confined to industry norms, and its own unique color selections, Hakura has achieved harmony of design and function with its handcrafted randoseru (firm-sided backpacks, traditionally made of leather, used by Japanese elementary schoolchildren).

Innovations such as eliminating the rivets that are conventionally used on the flap of the randoseru and the high degree of craftsmanship displayed in the treatment of the leather’s cut edges are some of the ways in which Hakura has poured its commitment into the crafting of this product.
It has also introduced the enjoyment of “aging” to the randoseru, in which the color and texture of the natural leather changes and deepens with continued use.
Hakura delivers the passion of its artisans and the warmth of handmade with leather that has been dyed in soft, gentle colors.

Hakura Handcrafted Randoseru

Hakura Co., Ltd.

15-11, Izumicho, Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture, 668-0021

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