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“Sole devotion to bags” – The artisanal spirit that makes use of tradition

Endo Luggage was founded in 1824, toward the end of the Edo Period.

In Toyooka in Hyogo Prefecture, a city that is well-known for the production of bags since long ago, the company’s products have followed the history of the town, from the traditional Yanagi-gori basket trunks to fiberboard trunks, carry cases, business bags, and so on.

That pride and welling of excitement in being handcrafted in Toyooka will be revived once more.
With craftsmanship that makes use of tradition, Endo Luggage will keep up its challenge of creating new bags.

Endo Luggage Co., Ltd. – KAGEN –

2-5, Motomachi, Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture, 668-0026



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