Adachi Co., Ltd.

A bag is a large sack that holds hopes and dreams – For happiness that overflows –

Adachi Co., Ltd. has been a wholesaler of bag-making materials for more than 70 years. As a distributor for YKK, it also has its own zipper processing equipment to process zippers in-house. Adachi takes maximum advantage of the know-how it has cultivated over the years to provide a range of services, from sample production to OEM manufacture.
Adachi is also actively involved in new product development for Toyooka Kaban.
Honing its techniques in a spirit of constant challenge and placing value in growing its products in a joint endeavor with its customers, Adachi will continue to be a maker of bags with unique character that meet a variety of needs.

Adachi Co., Ltd.

1-8, Wakamatsucho, Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture, 668-0027

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