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    What is Toyooka Komono

    Toyooka Komono, a brand that began in the region where Toyooka Kaban are produced, aims for a sustainable society.

    These high-quality, environmentally-friendly small accessories are produced by Toyooka Kaban-certified companies in Toyooka, one of Japan’s leading bag production regions.
    Toyooka Komono

    The new challenge for Toyooka, one of Japan’s leading bag production regions, is production that is kind to the environment.


    In June 2019, at a certification meeting for Toyooka Zaifu, a small pouch was presented for evaluation.

    This pouch had made with material left over from the bag-making process.

    Bags are made from many different parts. With leather in particular, different parts of the hide have different characteristics, and no matter how efficiently the patterns are placed, it is difficult to completely eliminate material wastage in the cutting process.

    Although the pouch could not be certified under the evaluation criteria for Toyooka Zaifu, its quality and concept were good. It was this that provided the impetus for the launch of a new brand.

    Leather left over after the bag pieces have been cut out

    Made with this leftover leather

    Just like Toyooka Kaban and Toyooka Zaifu, certification meetings are also held for Toyooka Komono. The products presented to these meetings are checked for quality of materials, standard of sewing, strength, function, and other criteria.
    Because they are made with leftover fabric, they are affordable enough to be purchased for a wide variety of purposes, including as a casual gift.

    Through our bags and Toyooka Komono, we aim to create an environmentally friendly, sustainable society.

    Toyooka Kaban